Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week Break

I am taking a week off to spend time with family and reorganize this week. 

I wanted to share a few blogs I read that are on my heart lately and for you to visit:

Jesus and My Orange Juice and especially this post about praying for Him to discipline us.
http://inspiredtoaction.com/ Kat always inspires me, to action.
http://www.freespirithaven.com/ Angela is such a sweetheart and will warm your soul.
http://sarahmae.com/ Sara Mae is wonderful and she makes me want to love Jesus more.

I pray you have a great week.  I am working on a new site that is forming in my heart and looking forward to what God will make come of it. 

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stick with it Saturday-July 21st

Sunday I was motivated by Angela's comment on my Stick with it Saturday post last week, so Sunday I jumped up and did 10 minutes of circuit training I learned from Chris Powell's book that I read this week.  It is setting a timer for 10 minutes then you do 3 pushups, 6 sit-ups (or crunches to work up to sit-ups) and 9 squats, over and over and over in that sequence for 10 minutes...warm up before and cool down after...then I went for a 20 minute bike ride with my littles.  I am thankful for that movement.

Scriptures are on my heart today wanting to really work in the area of disciplining my body.

Hebrews 12:1 

1 Corinthians 9:27

Monday-up and down stairs at work many times.  Probably 10-12 times.
Tuesday-stairs at work (not consistently but throughout the day), 2 sets of hoedowns (t-tapp exercise) and 50 reps of tricep wall pushups.  Going to check my nike app and see if I can find a fun workout for tomorrow morning-15 minute one.
Wednesday-Stairs at work off and on.
Thursday-Stairs at work
Friday-Stairs at work, and hoedowns (t-tapp)
Saturday, nada :)

More later...Love to you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heart Lesson Wednesday

Press on.
Renew your mind.
It's all about Jesus.
I don't have to figure it all out.
I can eat healthy foods and nourish my body and make it strong.
I don't have to wait on anything, but continue taking steps of faith and He will guide.
By the Power of Christ in Me.

I'll stand on your truth and I'll fight with Your strength--until YOU BRING THE VICTORY, it's the power of Christ in me.

Rely on Jesus constantly.
I am not in control.
I don't have to be in control.

Watch this and let Him speak to Your heart...

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Trying something new in menu planning this week.  I signed up for emeals after hearing about it 10,000 times on Dave Ramsey's shows.  I honestly was hesitant at first.  Then when I was doing my shopping I had a lot of complaints about it...I was a grouch.  I was mad that I had to try new things.  I was mad that I was spending so much on food and it was only for dinners--it didn't include lunches or breakfasts, and when you are budgeting for a family of 5 spending close to $100 per week for dinners made me cringe.  But I tried it...except one meal I didn't like I got everything for the rest of the week.  I got the Wal-Mart plan, gluten free meals.

I really am going to create a personable meal plan soon--where people can tell  you their favorite foods and least favorite and I will help them to create their own meals for their specific family.  Because the problem with all of these meal plans is that they may be great and to the liking of one person, but not everyone likes the same meals.  Ok I'm done...but God take this plan and bring it to fruition in my heart and life in Jesus Name Amen <3

  1. Layered Chicken Salad, grapes topped with honey vanilla greek yogurt. (made this tonight and it was delicious so I had no complaints here).
  2. Grilled pork chops with zucchini & peppers.
  3. Crispy Salmon with Spinach, sweet potato fries.
  4. Steak strips with pasta, Italian lettuce wedge.
  5. Taco Pie, drizzled salad.
  6. Pasta Salad with Chili Lime Shrimp.

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stick with it Saturday

Saturday was awesome.  3.2 mile bike ride with my daughter in tow.  We have a neat bike carrier that sits in front of me when I ride-will be using this much more often now!
Sunday was some arm exercises and ab exercises. 
Monday nada
Tuesday nada
Wednesday nada
Thursday 10 minute circuit workout by Chris Powell
Friday nada
Saturday-walk the block after the rain or bike ride (Ok so I never did end up doing this!)

That's all for now :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heart Lesson in Discipline

Discipline.  That is the theme in my reading and heart lessons lately.  Discipline.  Then this morning as I was driving I was listening to the Bible, as I am going through Proverbs this month.  This really stuck out to me:

Proverbs 12:1 To learn, you must love discipline; it is stuped to hate correction.

So that struck me loud and clear!  I want to learn to learn to love discipline.  That is my prayer today.  Because when I have the discipline that is guided by the Holy Spirit in me, then I will have fruit in my life.  It will show.  When I shy away from discipline, which I believe is natural in the flesh, we stay stuck.  We stay comfortable.  We stay put.  There is no fruit and honestly, it is a miserable feeling.  Even though discipline is not comfortable or enjoyable while we are going through it...once we do get through it and get to the other side it seems gladness and joy comes after it.  There is a scripture about that...

Oh wow, just looking it up, that is IT!

Hebrews 12:11 No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening--it is painful!  But afterward there will be a quiet harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way. 

That picture requires disclipine!

That is my prayer today.  Though there has to be a prayer about fear, for me, included in this.  Because the thought of coming out of the comfort zone and asking to be disciplined or asking for help to love discipline, causes fear to rise up.  I don't think the flesh is ever going to be ready to step out and enjoy discipline.  If we do it though, and let the Holy Spirit empower us, we will not regret it.

Is there something the Lord is nudging YOU about in being disciplined?  Wanna share with me and others?  Leave a comment below...

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Porkchops with cheesy potatoes
roasted chicken drumsticks with sauteed red, orange and yellow peppers, onions and cabbage
Tacos with my own recipe for taco seasoning (love it!)
Breakfast for dinner
Bake potatoes in crockpot *never made last week
Salmon patties *(possibly, never made last week)

That's what I have this week. I'm finding that when I plan for crockpot meals I end up not preparing it and so we end up eating whatever is on hand when it's dinner time. Not fun. Need to work on this or change plans. This week the only crockpot meals I have planned are the ones that I did not make the past few weeks.

Look forward to reading some new recipes that are shared at http://orgjunkie.com/blogOrganizing Junkie

These pictures are the sautéed veggies with the chicken!

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Stick with it Saturday-

The goal here is to do a little bit at a time.  My mentality is that I have to do all or nothing.  I have to figure everything out.  What I keep hearing and being told over and over is one thing at a time, little steps at a time, they all add up.  I know that.  Why am I not living it.  It drives me crazy how I drive myself crazy.  So here we go.  I will take it one week at a time and work on exercising doing fun things I love and doing them at  least 3 days a week.  

This week I want to try and walk on the beach one day, I would like to walk my neighborhood in the evenings with my littles and also would like to do a workout or two of a DVD either T-Tapp or Windsor Pilates.  That is my goal for the coming week.  I will share July 14th how I did July 7-13th.  Then work on new goals for the next week.  Doing this I will start establishing fun, simple habits and routines and I know I will feel better because of it.  Back to my One Word for 2012--

Who is in, who wants to join me in making small goals each week to incorporate fun exercises??  Are you?   This is a new way of living, it is NOT a diet or a PLAN, because those are not living to me.

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Done with Diets Forever

I am done with diets forever.  This is me, Kim, saying so long.  I can't make anything a diet.  You see, even when I try and follow hunger/fullness, fasting a meal a day, listening to my body, eating certain foods, not eating certain foods, I make it all a law and majorly get confused and lose my focus.  I think maybe God will lead me to eat one way or another, but I have to listen.  I have to focus on Him.

What I heard Him say today was I have to stop trying to figure it out.  I can't find the answer unless I listen to Him.  I have this tendency to say wait a minute, PAUSE...now let me figure this out before I move forward.  Well today He said I can't do that anymore.  Just do something.  No matter what it is.  You can make small decisions each and every day and minute that can be small seeds that will lead to a great harvest of health and strong and fit body.

dinners,foods,forks,healthy,iStockphoto,knives,place settings,plates,tomatoes

And the answer and the "way" IS NOT A DIET.

Thank you, good bye.

More later...Love to you,
Kim :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Fun at My Heart & Yours

Monday-Menu Plan Monday
Wednesday-Heart Lessons
Saturday-Stick with it Saturday

Monday I will work on my meal planning.  I am so excited to learn more about it!  I want to maximize all that I can in the kitchen and for my family.  One thing that I am really looking forward to is freezer meals and also more crock-pot meals.  Also trying new meals, ones that will be family favorites and nourish our bodies.  Soon I will also be offering the ability for me to help you with a customized meal plan for your family, especially if you have food allergy challenges.

Wednesday Heart Lessons.  This is where I will share what heart lesson God is giving me at that time and sharing my heart in that area, possibly setting some goals or working through what I am learning.

Stick with it Saturday.

Need I say more.  I want exercise to continue being a part of my life and I am excited to have my whole family be more active.  I must start--it just isn't going to happen.  This will be where I share my exercise goals for the week and work on life in this area of taking care of my body.

Learning what the purpose and motive of blogging and what my blog is about.  One thing comes to mind and that is reconciliation.  I hope that in all that I share I can help each reader be reconciled with the giver of Life, the one who helps me in every minute of my day, Jesus.  He loves me and you, reach out to Him each day.

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Joining in with www.orgjunkie.com for Menu Plan Monday!

  • Salmon patties in crock-pot with rice and veggies-these didn't get made last week.
  • Tacos with ground turkey and my own taco seasoning that I make, will share this soon
  • Breakfast for dinner-Bacon, eggs, shredded hashbrowns and strawberry smoothies
  • Pizza (this week I will make myself a Udi's gluten free 4 cheese pizza, these are really good)
  • Loaded baked potato bar-using crockin girls idea for cooking them this time-toppings added to the persons liking-shredded cheese, sour cream, salt & pepper, butter, green onions and bacon.
  • Leftovers or something easy and quick.

Working 5 days a week I am wanting to start a good list of crock-pot meals that my family loves.  Getting home and still having to make dinner puts us eating dinner later than I'd like.  I want to try and have 5 a week so that we can have dinner ready already when it is dinner time and we can enjoy!  If anyone can share with me their favorite crock-pot meals/recipes or share with me their favorite site to get them, I would love it!

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)