Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to Eating Chat

The thing I am coming back to now to chat about is eating and food.  Not that I want it to be a huge focus, but right now that is the biggest area of my life that is being worked in...and will continue to be until I surrender it over and over and over again.  I have read through studies and books and more books and studies about eating for hunger and fullness, about eating God's way.  I have prayed and pondered to have my weight be released back to its natural size forever.  This is an ongoing battle in my mind.  Daily . I am sure you can relate.  Eat it, no don't eat it, let me just take control and fix this, let me find a plan or a diet or a program or a book.  I can take care of this. 

Well ultimately control is an illusion and that is what I keep decieving myself with, and even unconsciously at times.  I like to think that I am in control and have it all figured out on how to release all this extra weight, but the truth is that couldn't be FURTHER than the truth!

I mean really.  I became a Christian in 2003.  Before that I had one child and had learned to eat healthier more balanced food and exercise 3-5 days a week.  I would attempt diets, but they just didn't work, I couldn't last more than a day, maybe two.  Then...after becoming a Christian I feel God really put in front of my face Thin Within.  I didn't get it when I was reading it.  I was such a new Christian it all seemed like a foreign language to me.  Then not long after that the book Weighdown Workshop (which I do not recommend) was put in front of me and I read it in two days.  I then dropped all I knew about healthy eating and ate red velvet cake and cookies and McDonalds and released my last 15 pounds and was into a size 4 and 6.  I felt great.  Then I got pregnant.  I did not feel led to continue going towards Weighdown as it was not leading me to God, but there were some false teachings I was seeing associated with it.  Then Thin Within came back into my path.  That is where I started again.  I was back down to my natural weight, this time after my third pregnancy, and as I studied and pressed on...I started compromising little by little and then confused myself more and more trying to get back into control until 50 pounds were back on my body.  Then I grabbed for studies and books and plans.  But this time it was only about eating for hunger and stopping when full.  I would have nothing to do with a diet. 

Eden Diet.  Eden Diet Workbook.  Diet Alternative.  Thin Within workbook.  Thin Within book.  Thin Again book.  Truly Fed.  Charlotte Seims who originally lost with Weighdown and then stepped away but continued with the principles.  Heal.  Led a class in that.  The Lord's Table-Setting Captives Free.  The list goes on.  Why did I need all of that? 

I still feel that I am or was missing something.  Here I am down 14 pounds since December because I really stuck with eating only for hunger and stopping when satisfied.  Again started compromising.  Have a coca cola, have some sweet tea, doesn't matter if your hungry.  Go ahead and eat and think about it later.  Figure it out later.  and on and on. 

Now I have been put in the path with an accountability partner.  Who is walking out these same principles.  God is working.  Guess what.  I need to be still and listen.  God help me be still and listen and obey with Your help.   I know it's not what I am eating, but my heart.  I keep attempting to ignore that part.  I will be truly changed when I truly listen and do what He has been telling me to do. 

I pray something I said may minister to you.  If you are chasing after ways to eat or other things, and not looking to God and asking Him to take over, then it will not bring peace and will not meet the need we are looking for.  Look to Him.  Cry out to Him.

Listen (click "skip ad").  Hear what God says to your heart.  Share it with me if you feel led.

More later...but this will be the topic I feel led to talk about right now, so stay tuned.

Love to you,
Kim :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Away With the Schedules

I just don't do schedules well.  I try and try and usually never follow through.  Life happens.  I am back to blogging as I feel led and about what I feel led to do...although Monday will probably be my menus or food ideas.

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I will check in later this weekend with some heart lessons or things I feel led to share.  I hope you all have an awesome evening and love those that are around you!

More later...
Kim :)