Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 52 Projects in 52 Weeks

So I was inspired by this awesome girl at Pink and Rick to make a bucket list for the year, so instead of all the  more serious feeling direct goals, this is fun!  I want fun!  Also have seem something similar at my friends blog and that linked me to this site where it tells about the 101 project or the 1001 project!  Wow!

They also have other goals you can do like 52 things in 52 weeks, Things to do by 40 (before you turn 40), and others.  Hmmm...Do I want to do a 52 things in 52 weeks or do I want to do the 1001 days.  I am leaning towards the 52 weeks because I find it easier to put things into years instead of a longer time frame.  So here I go into 52 fun projects in 52 weeks!  I will update weekly throughout the year and share my experiences. 

This will be fun!  I'm excited now to make this list of things to do and try in 2013!  Join me?? woohoo!~

  1. Complete Couch to 5k and run in a 5k-Start training January with C25K app  60 day T-Tapp challenge. (did not feel like doing the running, want to rehab my knees and t-tapp is great for that 1/11/13)
  2. Complete a mud run or a spartan race-possibly the Gulf Coast Mud Run in November.
  3. Go on a family nature walk.
  4. Make bags to keep in car to hand out to homeless people-let kids be involved too.
  5. Walk 2 miles daily for 30 days straight-March.
  6. Go 30 days drinking only water-February.
  7. Read aloud one book a week with kids.
  8. Tan in tanning bed regularly for a month-April.
  9. Make my own crab legs (one of hubbys favorite foods!).
  10. Try a load of laundry a day for 1 week (can't stretch it longer or I may not even try!)
  11. Let one child make dinner each month (starting small here!). 
  12. 5 minute workout daily for a month. (January). Been going strong for 10 days now (1/12/13)
  13. Play hide and seek with kids.
  14. Get my blog redesigned. (January) start redesign on January 17th with Sweet Simplicity designs, excited! 
  15. Try a camping trip with the family (despite my dislike of outdoors and bugs lol) even if it is in the backyard.
  16. Try the pushup challenge.
  17. Travel to a state we have never been to.
  18. Go on a cruise, Carnival preferred, but even if we just take a dolphin cruise on the beach.
  19. Get our driveway widened-concrete!
  20. Ride segways downtown with family.
  21. Go to an arts festival.
  22. Try rollerblading again.
  23. Go on a bowling date with my man.
  24. Do the Respect dare.
  25. Write an e-book.
  26. Do the One bite at a time.
  27. Take kids to beach and go kayaking.
  28. Take a trip to water park during the summer.
  29. Try a Cross Fit class.
  30. Try a Zumba class.
  31. Try a spin class.
  32. Get a massage at a spa.
  33. Take a trip with my husband to our favorite getaway spot.
  34. Make a memory book for someone.
  35. Christmas shop before December.
  36. Take the 52 week money challenge:  *1/4/13 update, made envelope to start putting the $ in...1/12/13-have not started this
  37. Finish James Journible and write out entire book of James. Going strong 1/12/13, loving it.
  38. Take a 30 Day Walk through the Psalms during summer to be ready for start of new school year. (July)
  39. Walk in the Mall to Mall walk with a friend or with my kids (who wants to join me?).
  40. Take a retreat/get away with girl friends.
  41. Create a whole weeks meal plan with no allergens that all family can eat (breakfast, lunches, snacks and dinner).
  42. Go to a concert with my man.
  43. Completely reorganize kitchen counter where clutter always piles-this would make for a HAPPY home! (whole new system here with my home manager binder and all-simplify) Got page protectors and tabs to start organizing my home manager binder
  44. Try golfing with my husband.
  45. Take a family trip to Georgia and climb Stone Mountain together.
  46. Dress up for Halloween.
  47. Take a cooking class.
  48. Get a professional makeup makeover.
  49. Ride the 360 wheel at the beach.
  50. Take kids to the circus. Done 1/12/13, had a blast! 
  51. Make the bed every day for a week and see how it changes the day.
  52. Take the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. *update 1/4/13-DVD purchased, recieved the DVD today 1/12/13
There we go.  That was challenging to come up with 52 things.  I will share them as I go and will cross them off and update as I do them.  God-willing this is going to be fun to get all these things done this year!  2013 is going to be a great year and I trust Jesus!

find me here at the day zero project, made my list here as well, but my blog is the main place i will blog about it and edit as I go

More later...

p.s. share your list with me if you make one, how exciting to journey together in this fun!


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! You're too sweet. Love your list! Can't wait to see how it goes. I'm going to check back in a ton... because I'll need the encouragement!

    1. Thank you Kelsie! Look forward to seeing you along the way as well.