Friday, March 1, 2013

31 Days of Organization with Org Junkie! I'm in!

I am going to join in March the 31 Day Organizational Challenge though I am not doing an entire room, I am doing one of the most challenged spots in my home, the kitchen counter--a mess.  That is one of my goals so I will just join the challenge to make it a little more fun. 
I will be posting before pictures soon and will share my progress as I go.  I pray for more order in my home so I pray that this little challenge will spread through my home.  Here goes...just printed my organization calendar!
More later...


  1. Good luck to you. I can feel your pain. My kitchen counters seem to be in constant disorder. I have a small island and it's a perfect place for a few kids to eat breakfast or to do homework, but it seems to be a catch all place for all kinds of things that have no business being in the kitchen. Ha ha.


  2. You can do it! Can't wait to see what it looks like. I know my counters are ALWAYS a challenge!