Monday, March 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday-Gluten & Milk-Free Style


I do a weekly menu plan on a regular basis so I know what we have for dinners for the following week, taking out a lot of the guess work.  I do not assign a meal to a certain day all of the time, but it is nice knowing I have enough ingredients in the house to have meals for a week.  These next 2 weeks will be a little more fun because we are trying gluten free and milk free for most of us.  So here goes sharing our meals for the week.
  1. Sweet Italian Sausage with bell peppers and rice.
  2. Crunchy Tacos with my homemade taco seasoning (minus cheese).
  3. Poncit (will have to share this recipe as it is delicious-though I am still learning to perfect it).
  4. Salmon nuggets (my own created recipe that is a family favorite), rice & sweet peas.
  5. Baked Teryaki Salmon (homemade marinade), steamed broccoli, hush-puppies & rice.
  6. Breakfast for dinner-gluten free pancakes, bacon, strawberry smoothies & scrambled eggs.
  7. Leftovers/fend for yourself.
Check out the recipes and let me know if you have any questions about them.  

I am joining with Organizing Junkie in the Menu Plan Monday.  Check out her website for lots of recipe and meal plan ideas.  You can find her here--

Also found this site and will be sharing there as well.
More later...


  1. Hi Kim, stopping by from orgjunkie, looks like the salmon nuggets are good, haven't thought of them before. and what's in your teriyaki marinade for the salmon? I'm always cooking the same Asian salmon recipe (that I love but one needs a change sometimes ;) ), so this week I'm trying an orange-ginger recipe that I hope will work out for me! Have a great week :)

    1. Hi Christele, I seem to have to google the teriyaki recipe for the salmon each time, this is one of them I have used, but this seems to be more what I use when I make it-,1727,157164-245200,00.html.

      I will have to check out your blog for the orange-ginger recipe! Tasty!

  2. Such a great resource (for me, lol) b/c we are doing GF and DF too -- it is not easy! thanks for the ideas!

    1. Thank you Jo-Lynne! It definitely is not easy, but after a while it is almost habit. I personally am struggling with the milk one, just doing gluten seems like enough. Though soy seems to be hardest of all and I haven't touched that one yet, and hope it isn't the cause of any of our families sensitivities. Have a great day!