Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Need Help Organizing Kids School Work?

I heart binders.  I seem to find binders the best organizing tool for me.  Give me a binder, some page protectors and papers to organize, and I will go at it.  I struggled for a long time in finding ways to organize my 3 kids school work.  I read blog posts and articles about it and I learned some ideas as well from Flylady.  I seem to have found something that is working well for me right now and hopefully I can just keep tweaking it here and there and it will turn out to be a great system.

I got a larger binder for each child from Target for $3 and it is flexible, it isn't one of those hard ones.  They were on clearance so I picked up I believe about 6 of them. 

I get the big packs of 50 or 100 because I seem to use a lot of them.

Sort through your school papers and give each child a pile.  Then work through each child's papers and for the ones you want to keep you can put them in the page protectors in their binder, and 2 papers should fit in each page protector, just put them back to back.

You can decorate the binders as you would like, put your favorite art work or something from them in the front cover.  You can also get new binders for each grade or fit however many grades you can in each binder and label them by what grades are in them.

I got my ideas mostly for this from Pinterest and mostly the pin that linked me to this site.  Below is her picture that she shared.  I did adapt my binders to my own liking, but basically this is where my main idea came from.

I also have a larger binder for each child that is for all of their certificates.  I got it at Target and it is more like a photo album.  I, so far, have my kids certificates and awards from each school year in them along with perhaps an 8x10 picture of them from that year.  Take this and do what works for you, but I like the idea and it is organized.

Now if I can just organize the rest of my pictures and papers, kitchen counter clutter is next to tackle, seems I procrastinate on that the most lately!  School is out on Friday and that will be a project up and coming!

I am joining in with I'm an Organizing Junkie as I continue learning to have my natural organizer in me come out! 

Ask me if you have any questions...leave me a comment!

More later...

p.s. I also just found Mary Organizes and am excited to join in with her linky party on Organize My Life!



  1. Great idea! I'd love for you to share this at my link party "Organize My Life" that opens every Monday night. Stop on by! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Mary! I would love to share on your link party! I will look for it. Glad to "meet" you-I have never been to your blog before so I will go read up!