Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Scale Has to Go...again

...and this time.  for good.

So I have discussed the scale before and since I started this walking it out journey and sharing it I did involve the scale and weighing myself.  I thought this time I was going to stick it out and make myself weigh.  Something in me though is reminding me why I stopped and threw the scale in the trash to begin with.
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Let me share some of the reasons that I threw it away the first time:
  • I thought it was controlling me.
  • I thought if I just got rid of it, then I would lose weight and be free.
  • I thought about it and looked at it when I went into the bathroom.  I had either good thoughts or bad thoughts about it, depending on what number it was telling me.
  • If I weighed in the morning and it was not a number that showed a loss-it ruined my day and I was moody completely throughout the day-mad and disgusted.
Then some of the reasons that I bought a new one a few weeks ago:
  • I had gone without a scale well over a year.  I really NEVER thought about it and was free from that.
  • When I went to doctor appointments it was showing about 10-20 pounds higher than when I threw the scale out-so I thought it must be because I stopped weighing that I gained weight.
  • I thought perhaps I went into denial because I wasn't seeing my weight. (though all the time I knew my clothes were getting tighter and the measuring tape was not shrinking when I would measure after doing workouts)-and I might add I wasn't really trying to listen to my body a whole lot so results were not really to be expected a whole lot.
  • My husband and I started talking about getting healthy, very quick and brief conversation.  I read WAYYY into it and said I need a scale.  We can weigh ourselves and focus on our progress.  So, I searched two days to find a scale like the one I threw away and had all kinds of thoughts about how I used to exercise, eat balanced (though I binged frequently and also was always looking for a quick fix-it ruled my mind-weight loss back after my 1st child and on from there) and so all I needed was the scale back and then I would get this weight down and under control.
  • Wow I gave that thing a lot of power doesn't it seem?
Now the reason I feel now it's a done deal-the scale has to go-for good:
  • I weighed the first week-and I knew what the scale would say because I had recently weighed at the doctors office.  All was good.
  • Then I went about my week and didn't weigh until the following week.  I was down, score.  It was working (though I didn't do anything differently than I had been doing).
  • Then the following week I think I let loose and even ate more on purpose subconsciously because the thoughts were there that I had lost weight and ate like this the week before and lost. 
  • Then I weighed that next week.  It was back up.  Then I was mad (trying to hide it though).  I was frustrated and didn't get it.  I tried to stay positive and said I will keep it up and press on.  The more I went through the days the more irritated and frustrated I got and the diet thoughts started coming back.  I thought, this is not good and the scale is not the thing that is going to fix my weight.  I don't need it.  So I am done with it.  The end.  (I will not throw it away as my husband may still want to use it-but it is going to have a new home in the garage.)
Oh and if you are wondering-how will you know if you are losing?  Well, I will know by the way I feel and sometimes by the way my clothes are fitting.  I know when I am truly listening to my body and when I am not-I should not expect any result of looser clothing when I hadn't been putting any effort in-but now as I walk this journey out I want to put more effort into taking care of myself.   (I have removed the pictures from previous posts of my weight on the scale as that does not define me and I will continue to share pictures of myself through this journey)

Thank you for listening.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Walking it Out with Intuitive Eating

Time to get real.

This week I did encounter some mind battles.  They went on in my head more than anything.  I am so thankful I have brought this struggle out into the light because it would be times like these that I would have started talking about how I would like to eat and as soon as I messed up or had a bad week, I would be changing the subject and going into denial and feeling down.

This time is different.  I want encouragement and I want to get up and press on.  I have known enough what I should do when discouragement comes, but I have never really put myself out there to accept help or encouragement.  So here I am to share my struggles and press on...perhaps a little journaling and sharing what I struggled with the past week and also share my successes.

I heard a quote or read something about our areas of weaknesses and how not to constantly feel overwhelmed with it.  There are areas where we can feel overwhelmed a lot and it runs over and over in our heads.  Like I can say, over and over, "I am so overwhelmed with my weight" (fill in the blank where weight is to whatever it is for you) and that thought can repeat itself hundreds of times a day subconsciously.  Well this what I read said...replace the word overwhelmed with overcomer.  So I may be overwhelmed, but I will be an overcomer.  It is going to be the constant work of retraining my thoughts to believe this, but isn't it encouraging?

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Another part of this journey, it is so against the current of how everyone you read about or come in contact with who is trying to lose weight and be healthy.  I can't stand the thought of a diet, it isn't the answer.  My testimony on how I get healthy and to my natural weight are not going to be because I followed a certain formula.  That is a challenge in our world.  

It is challenging to write all of this because part of me doesn't fully believe it, doesn't believe I can do it.  It is the emotions part of me that wants to say, nah, let's just stay the weight and way you are because you will never get to where you were or where you want to be.  It will be too hard and you won't be able to do it and you won't know how to do it.  That is a lie.  

Successes this week:
  • There were multiple times this week, and I want to say several times EACH day that I totally forgot about food.  It was not on my  mind, I wasn't worrying about it or thinking hey I want to eat something just because it tastes good.  Amazing feeling!
  • I drank several large bottles of water this week, and enjoyed chugging them sometimes.  I love the taste of plain water, especially Fugi water or Evian--and it quenches my thirst the best.  
  • I did two or three Fit2B studios workouts-you can click on my affiliate link for a discount using the code "myheartandyours"-I am loving these exercises and continue to feel stronger and have lost at least 2 inches in my waste so far, and the thing about it I love the most is I love doing the exercises, she is gentle but I still get sore, and my all time favorite thing--the exercises are done barefoot!! Love it!! You can get 3 months for $20, which is $10 savings on 3 months.  (Okay I'm done rambling  but I really do love the exercises and being completely honest or I wouldn't even mention it!) It is a success this week!
  • I learned something in the Studio Eats challenge that sometimes just having foods made and available to grab is a great idea-even healthy nutritious foods because sometimes you just crave them, but if they are not available, you grab whatever is.  I am going to make a handful of things to have on hand through the week so if I do crave something healthy, it will be available.  This is something small and simple, but in the past something I would beat myself up over because I didn't eat any foods that were nourishing me.  There are many times I really am craving them, but they aren't available so I just grab whatever.
This Week's Struggles
  • I did have some binge eating or what I call binge eating where I keep eating even when I am not hungry, and I am actually pretty stuffed.  And not just at one meal, but pretty much the whole day or whole second half of the day.  I probably did this 3 or so days this week.  Which is why my weight went up a touch, but I can't dwell on that.  I will press on and it will get better.
  • I drank a lot of sweet tea and coca cola.  I also realized that I have to be intuitive about drinks just as I am in food.  Something I learned in the Studio Eats challenge (which I have no affiliation which, just loving the simple truths I am learning about intuitive eating here) day 14. 
  • I did focus a bit on the scale this week and thought about weighing and wondering if it would go down again or go up.  I know the scale has no power over me, but I wanted to weigh so I will have my weight in the light and not hidden as hiding it has caused me to be in denial in the past.  So I will continue to weigh for now, but need to constantly renew my mind in the scale and not let it master me prayerfully.  If I find that it is NOT what I feel led to continue doing--I will then choose to toss the scale again and press on.
(*there used to be a picture of the scale here with my weight-but if you see the post here you will see why I have removed it)

Focuses for this coming week:  
Be authentic.
Bring things into the light instead of hiding them.
Focus on Jesus and walking with Him constantly.
Renew my mind when I start thinking things that I know are lies or when I am acting solely on emotions.
Try and wait for hunger before eating.

I am not alone in this challenge and Mary Organizes continues to join me in the journey to be free and to rid ourselves of all weight on our bodies that are not natural.  You can read about her journey each week as well.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Don't Forget-What it Means to be Weak

God uses my weaknesses. It's not that I have to be ashamed of all these weaknesses, but those weaknesses are the reason God can use me!

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So I was reminded when glancing at a post by Joseph Prince last week how God uses our weaknesses. So instead of being ashamed of my weaknesses and trying to hide them or instead of trying to develop a plan to fix my weaknesses and work so hard trying to make them NOT be my weaknesses anymore...God made me just the way I am and He wants to use me even my weaknesses.

It's in my weakness that He is strong. So if I feel shy sometimes and not bold enough or strong enough to share truths as He wants me to---I need not worry.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No More Questioning...But Faith

I found the below blog post that I started and never finished in 2012--posting it now because it is good words for me to read:

I don't have to question anymore.  I can sit still and just circle in my minds questions and things and boy my mind goes to analyzing and trying to figure out SOOOO much!!!  You would go crazy in my head ha!  But what I am learning in this "living" I am working on in 2012 is that I don't have to question things anymore...what I do need to do is step out in faith one step at a time.  He gives me the direction and for a long time I have sat back and analyzed every part of it and then if I didn't seem to like it, then I would move on to something else.

I can't imagine the bucket list of things the Lord has given me that I have sat back and analyzed, doubted and not acted in faith on.  It is sad to say because I know I've missed out on living and missed out on things that God had planned for me, His beloved.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Series-Walkin' it Out

Thought this was interesting going through posts I wrote last year or so...and never published, well I am clicking publish on this one below, enjoy! (looks like what I just started a few weeks ago was something that's been on my heart a while!)

Days in the life of a natural eater, me.  I have been grabbing control so many times to try and find the right plan to eat and drink just how I need to to lose weight, but what I have been running from is God and what He has originally told me to do.  Let go of the food rules and listen to my body.  Whether you eat, drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.  So how does this get walked out.  He showed me this morning while listening to Joyce Meyer's radio show that I keep going around the same mountain, like Jonah ran, if I run I still have to come back and do it His way.  He told me to eat just enough food until I am satisfied and eat His Word to make me strong.  I pray against trying to make this a diet.  I will combine all I have learned in the readings and studies of eating naturally, when hungry, and stopping when satisfied.  He also showed me that when I do what he says then I will be able to minister to others and help them. 

Jesus Calling for Kids yesterday-that spoke to me: The title was TOUGH IT OUT.

So tough it out I will do.  That will be the name of the series coming November 1st. (obviously I did not start this in November lol)

Tough it out, Walkin' it Out-30 days  a lifetime journey of walking it out as a intuitive natural eater and soaking up His Word.


Join me in this!?

What do you do exactly?  Listen to your body.  I think I am not even listening to my body, how can I help others to do this?  Well I can't, I'm weak but He is strong.

What is normal or natural eating you say?  I will give a definition from Ellyn Satter:

"Normal eating is going to the table hungry and eating until you are satisfied. It is being able to choose food you like and eat it and truly get enough of it -not just stop eating because you think you should. Normal eating is being able to give some thought to your food selection so you get nutritious food, but not being so wary and restrictive that you miss out on enjoyable food. Normal eating is giving yourself permission to eat sometimes because you are happy, sad or bored, or just because it feels good. Normal eating is mostly three meals a day, or four or five, or it can be choosing to munch along the way. It is leaving some cookies on the plate because you know you can have some again tomorrow, or it is eating more now because they taste so wonderful. Normal eating is overeating at times, feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. And it can be undereating at times and wishing you had more. Normal eating is trusting your body to make up for your mistakes in eating. Normal eating takes up some of your time and attention, but keeps its place as only one important area of your life.
In short, normal eating is flexible. It varies in response to your hunger, your schedule, your proximity to food and your feelings.
- See more at:"

So I am going to share about my journey God willing and be vulnerable.  Put myself out there and walk this out.   Blogging.  Journaling.  Sharing.  Pictures.  Videos.  Here we go, Lord guide me, help me to be still and not be so impulsive...and also to remember really really remember that it won't always be easy, but I do NOT have to run.  In the beginning it will certainly be more challenging, but that is not a sign to give up.  Help me remember that in my pain and suffering and grumbling.  In Jesus Name, Amen

p.s.  this is not a diet or a program.  it is life and living it out fully intentionally.

More later...
Kim :)

Good Morning-Be Still and Know

What the Lord has been teaching me I feel, lately, is to slow down, be still.  You remember that scripture:

Psalm 46:10a Be still, and know that I am God!

It seems all of the things lately that I "think" are problems or things I should work on lately are just sort of fabricated things my mind created to focus on instead of the Lord.  If I be still and listen to God, He calms my thoughts and my mind.  I feel like I have spiritual ADD.  Working on practicing His presence and just being still, oh how hard that is for me but I will press on and that will change by His grace.  If I rush I have been told I will miss so much.

I found this song just while googling, going to listen to it now.  I will paste the lyrics below it, maybe it will minister to someone's heart today.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Walking it Out

My journey to get to my natural weight eating intuitively and learning to have balance in my life. Going against the flow of the worlds way to release weight.  I started last week bravely sharing my weight and a picture of me. I did that as I feel it helped me to bring my struggle into the light. I believe that helps me continue walking forward. If I were to hide it and wait until I accomplished weight release to tell, well I tried that and it wasn't working for me.  So here I am.

This week I didn't do anything different than I have been doing. I have been working on releasing extra food to God when I am tempted to eat past full. I have cried out to Him when I was wanting to eat but wasn't hungry and asked Him for help. And I have asked forgiveness for eating way more than I needed, bingeing some, and pressed on.  I am trying to bring Him into my struggles because that's what works. He works. He is awesome. 

Some of my highlights of this week walking this out
I listened to what God was telling me each day. When I listen to him it is easier to not grab for food when I'm not hungry. He satisfies. Completely when we let Him. 

I finished a meal and several times this week I stopped eating--when usually I would run right past the fullness boundary and stuff myself. I just thought a moment and said, "hey I don't think I'm hungry, so I'll put this up." That simple. 

I found time to exercise doing what I love. Walking and some strength training with Fit2B Studios. I walked 3 days this week around my neighborhood while my kids rode their bikes along with me. We went in evening after dinner and it wasn't too hot. Loved it. I use the Runkeeper app to track my distances and time. It's fun! 

Some of my struggles this week while walking this out:
I did struggle with being frustrated a few days and I overate. Part of it was I didn't have the food I wanted in the house so nothing was filling my craving. I also realized that I was thirsty for water and not hungry. 

The time of the month is probably coming close and this makes me want to eat and snack and grab. 

If you would like to see where I started journaling along this journey it was last week and here is the link.  So I did weigh myself a few times this week. I also measured my waist. I have been working on healing my distastes in my tummy with the Fit2B workouts and I lost 2" in the last two weeks just around my belly button. It is healing! This is probably my favorite workouts I have EVER done and I plan to continue.  If you are interested in trying it out I have an affiliate link you are welcome to check out here.  I also released some weight. Below I will share a picture of my scale--and every few weeks I will share my pictures of me.

(*I have removed the picture of my weight on the scale as that does not define me and I share here why, though I will continue to share pictures of myself through this journey)

Down almost 2 pounds in a week, though I am in no hurry, I am just journeying along one day at a time.  I can't say it will always show a loss, but I am going forward in the direction to be my natural weight and sometimes there will be a few steps back, and that is okay, as long as I am not giving up. :)

Thank you for journeying along with me and I hope that this accountability will be beneficial for me as I walk out intuitive eating and having God as my personal trainer. 

Share your comments and stories with me. I would love to hear them!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Goals Accomplished Last Week

Goals for this week:

Personal/Heart Goals:

  1. Continue reading 3-year Bible plan and be consistent with it.  I don't want to start something like this, and I do often, and then get tired of it and try and move on to something else.  I want something I can stay steady and consistent in.  This is helping me and to know I have a plan in staying steady in reading all of God's Word is great.  I read one chapter a day and read it a few times and read the commentaries on it and pray about it and I like it.  I then still have time to read for Life Group and other books.
  2. Quiet time each morning-sit and be still.  
  3. Drink more water.  I just ran out of sweet tea.  I crave it and drink it way too much.  Focus on 2 sweet drinks per day this week.  Rest of drinks-water!  Drank more than 2 per day.
  4. Gym 2 times this week-two full body workouts or upper body one day and lower the next.  Or may try 2 body pump classes. First week of summer-kids stayed up way late despite my trying to get them in bed earlier, so early mornings didn't' work out.
  5. Walk neighborhood with kids 3 days this week.

Organize Life Goals:

  1. I am trying 5 Dinners in ONE Hour-prepped all meals Sunday afternoon-in ONE hour!  Cook meals Sun-Thur that I prepped. Though I followed through with this, most meals were not enjoyed because they are used to me cooking their favorites, I do not think this approach with new recipes will work too well, but perhaps one new meal a week I can incorporate.
  2. Finish reading The Energy Bus for work.
  3. Load of laundry per day. I didn't try too hard on this-maybe next week.
  4. Schedule me time each day.  Use Google calendar as I have been for my personal planning.
  5. Stick to numbers I put in budget for each category and don't move money around different categories. Work in progress here.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My One Goal For the Week

So I was reading through an eBook today and I realized that I keep aiming for multiple goals.  Feeling not accomplished when I do this.  So I decided to focus on ONE goal this week.  Maybe one goal per week from now on out.  Feeling scattered with many goals and many focuses going all over the place.

Maybe.  Maybe.  Maybe.

Should I even talk about goals.  Should I focus just on Jesus instead.  Perhaps the goal for the week should be focusing on Jesus.  The Bible does say to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and ALL else will be added unto you.  Thank you Lord for that truth you just laid on my heart clearly.  Wow.  He is amazing.  When we let Him take over and listen to Him we can actually see that.

I am going to do away with goals this week.  I am going to do away with my "to do" lists.  My thoughts scattering all over the place.

Jesus is my goal.

Jesus is my goal.

Jesus is my goal.

He is life.  He is love.  He is everything I need.  Jesus is my goal.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Walking it Out-My Journey to My Natural Weight

I have been denying it for far too long.  I have not listened to the things I have learned for far too long.  It is time to be obedient, to follow through and to pray for courage to do this, because I can't do it alone.  I keep trying and it gets NOWHERE.

See if I go through my blog and my personal journals and read all I have been studying, learning and praying about for the past 2-8 years of my life, I will see where I need to go.  I keep feeling like I have to start over. That I don't know what to do or that I am never going to figure this weight loss taking care of my body thing.

If you read here you can see where I lost 14 pounds by just listening to my body and eating when hungry and stopping when full.  NO legalism and no rules.  Or here I was talking about my re-commitment to God in eating for hunger and letting Him fill me up.  Or what about here when I talk about life is more than food!  And this is when I shared about how God became my personal trainer, and I seem to forget often how I made this decision and how clear it was.  Doubt has crept in much.  And one other one here I see is when I made goals in 2011.  It was this time a year.  Here is one more I just found-me committing, once again.  That is discouraging in a way.

If you read through my posts in this area you will see how scattered I get and you will see how I tend to turn from the truths He has shown me and try and grab a plan or a "way" of doing it, a way of losing weight, my own schemes or plans.  They just don't work.  How I wish I knew the exact right thing to do and when and I can see from reading past blog posts about this that I can't figure it all out, I just need to start taking steps.  I can't commit to anything except for getting on my knees every day and surrendering.

But see these are all lies thinking how I should know the exact right thing to do or find the perfect plan or program.  They have to be.  I have recorded all I have learned.  The only thing lacking is follow through.  Actually doing what God has shown me, relying on Him and letting Him get me through the times I don't want to try and allowing Him to work.  So that is what these posts are about.

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I am about to get real.  It is not easy for me to share these things as they are things you want to hide and not let anyone know.  I am about to get on my knees every day and give it all to God.  I am going to do this and I am joining in with friends, particularly Mary Organizes because she is on this journey too, to get rid of excess weight and take care of her body.  

I will be implementing all I have learned from eating when hungry, stopping when full, eating foods my body is craving and listen to my body, intuitive eating, eat fist full size of food at each hunger, and most importantly read God's Word and let Him fill me up, go to God when I want to eat and I am not hungry, fast as God leads to break bondage and sow seeds to my Spirit and not the flesh.  Those are some things that I will be doing and walking out putting into action.

Before Pictures 6/9/2013

Before weight on the scale: 6/9/2013
(*before there was a picture of the scale here with the number of my weight, but you will see on this post here why I have removed it-I will continue to share pictures of myself though for sure)

I will get up and I will be pressing on.  I will not fail at this until I give up.  And I am not giving up!

Every week I will be posting my Walking it Out post for the week.  I am in this for the long haul.  I have always wanted to post my goals, do them, and then share the after picture.  But I feel like in a way that was not allowing me to be accountable for my goals.  My goal is Jesus.  My goal is obeying Him.  My goal is walking this out what He has taught me.  I am doing it in front of whoever He sends this way to encourage and to walk it out right along with me.  So if you are joining me or want to walk it out with me in the ways He has taught you, welcome and thank you. (Oh and one more thing, posting this picture is scary because I do NOT feel this big at. all.!!!)

More later...

(after writing this post I went to read up and absorb some reading on intuitive eating and came across some really sweet blogs...stumbled upon Studio Eats and signed up for the 21 day intuitive eating challenge, wanted to share that.)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Testimony Tuesday

God speaks to our hearts just what we need to hear when we are willing to listen, and sometimes even when we are not.  I love Him and He loves us.

Ecclesiastes 4:6

This is also related to my weight and body journey I have been on.  God has shown me a Scripture so clearly I couldn't miss it.  This will be the 3rd Scripture that God has put clearly in front of me to help me in my journey to learn how He wants me to eat.  He has also shown me a little nugget about praying before I eat-and praying with faith, not just saying a prayer to say a prayer.

Testimony Tuesday style=

Ecclesiastes 4:6 spoke so clearly to my heart in the struggle I was feeling lately regarding food struggles and my weight.

NLT Ecclesiastes 4:6 says this:

And yet, "Better to have one handful with quietness than two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind."

I have been focusing on what I can do (and NOT be uncomfortable) to lose the weight.  Or really I have been thinking and not really realizing it, what can I do to not change from the inside but take the easy way out?

So this is what I would say is the clear 3rd Word God had shown me in eating. I can't grasp for more or try to understand more than what He has already put under my nose.  I will be mindful with His help to have one handful of food when I am hungry and have quietness and peace instead of grabbing more and having two handfuls and then trying to work harder to lose the weight-getting nowhere-like chasing the wind.

Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart in my struggle with eating, but I want to break through and want to press on to the goal which you have for me, and that is total freedom and I know you are working.  Touch our hearts all who read this and speak to us in what you would want us to learn in this.  You are wonderful and an awesome daddy.  In Jesus Name, Amen

Sunday, June 2, 2013

10 Goals for this Week

Still joining in with Money Saving Mom in making weekly goals and pressing on to make progress in life as I have been feeling scattered for a while.  Writing the goals down here is my sense of accountability to keep on going and pursuing.  Below are my goals from last week and then I will share what I would like my goals for this week to be.  

Personal/Heart Goals:
  1. Continue 3 year Bible reading plan I started last week.
  2. Read James 5 for Life group reading and find story to relate to my life to share
  3. Journal on my Google Drive journal when not at home and don't have my personal writing journal so that I can still record what is on my heart and what I am learning.
  4. Gym 2 days this week-strength training. Only made it 1 times this week.
  5. Walk 3 days this week with kids around the neighborhood.  Walked 2 days-one with kids and one alone.

Organize Life Goals:
  1. Inspired while reading 3-2-1 Stop to start minimizing things in our home that are not needed-declutter to put it simply.  Declutter 1 thing this week. Major Accomplishment decluttering my kitchen counter that has been a mess for years!  It is completely empty now.  Praise-yay!!  I will share pictures of this!
  2. Finish reading The Energy Bus for work.  About 30 more minutes of reading until I am done with this!
  3. Stick to budget and don't try and wiggle out of or rearrange certain categories with only a certain amount budgeted.  This will be a goal for a while, as I will spend more and figure out where to pull the money from later.  It's a huge praise and accomplishment that I have an awesome budget now compared to how I used to be, but I have some more work in this area.
  4. Stay positive and focus on God when I feel like giving up in taking care of myself-physically and spiritually.
  5. Drink more water.  Goal to drink only water and no soda or sweet tea starting in June.  Get used to this.

Goals for this week:

Personal/Heart Goals:

  1. Continue reading 3-year Bible plan and be consistent with it.  I don't want to start something like this, and I do often, and then get tired of it and try and move on to something else.  I want something I can stay steady and consistent in.  This is helping me and to know I have a plan in staying steady in reading all of God's Word is great.  I read one chapter a day and read it a few times and read the commentaries on it and pray about it and I like it.  I then still have time to read for Life Group and other books.
  2. Quiet time each morning-sit and be still.  
  3. Drink more water.  I just ran out of sweet tea.  I crave it and drink it way too much.  Focus on 2 sweet drinks per day this week.  Rest of drinks-water!
  4. Gym 2 times this week-two full body workouts or upper body one day and lower the next.  Or may try 2 body pump classes.
  5. Walk neighborhood with kids 3 days this week.
Organize Life Goals:
  1. I am trying 5 Dinners in ONE Hour-prepped all meals Sunday afternoon-in ONE hour!  Cook meals Sun-Thur that I prepped.
  2. Finish reading The Energy Bus for work.
  3. Load of laundry per day.
  4. Schedule me time each day.  Use Google calendar as I have been for my personal planning.
  5. Stick to numbers I put in budget for each category and don't move money around different categories.
More later...