Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walking it Out

So I haven't written in a month or more.  Wow.  On the intuitive eating.  See I got a health coach.  Someone to help me in renewing my mind and walking out this intuitive eating.  See I am still struggling.  I don't like it.  At all.  I want to come on here and say I GOT IT!  I figured it all out.  It isn't happening though and I am frustrated. 

I may have a new sweet accountability partner.  I want to turn away though and think I can do this on my own.  But I am starting to see a pattern.  Every time God puts someone in my life or path to help me in this area of my life, I turn my back eventually.  Resisting strongly.

This hurts.  It is hard to admit really.  Because I would like to think that by now after so many years of this struggle I could help people or I could be free--comfortable in my body.

I want to post a new picture of myself.  I probably lost a few pounds, but I am not consistent and I need more work in this area.  I want to press on.  I want to be joyful instead of grouchy, resisting and stuck.  I want to accept the help where God gives it to me.  Reaching out my hand and saying lift me up Lord and help me walk this out....daily.

Thankful for Him and His grace and mercy for me--this control freak who wants to figure it all out and can't and really, who is NOT supposed to be trying to figure it all out.  But who is to be simply listening and obeying the God who loves me so much and wants to care for me. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Am I the Same Me at Home?

Testimony Tuesday style=

I read a great blog article yesterday.  It was about reasons to quit blogging.  She spoke about what it would take for her to quit blogging.  I read this blog post here at a sweet blog I found today.  One of the reasons she gave was if she seemed like a separate person on her blog than she was in her real life at home-she would quit.  This was convicting, but refreshing all at the same time for me.

If it was refreshing it is because I don’t have to be someone else at my blog.  I can jabber on and be myself.  It was convicting because if I ever catch myself writing here on my blog and picture what my husband or children may think if they read it…and ask myself if they would believe I was being honest and myself….that is the true test for me.  They say that you are the real you behind closed doors at your home.  So if I am the same person here at my blog and at my work and at church and with my friends and at home, I am on the right track.

The problem is…I don’t always feel this way.  Sometimes I feel like what I talk about on my blog are things that my fam doesn’t want to hear about.  But sometimes perhaps it is me hiding from some attitudes and heart issues that I should address, but would rather talk other stuff.

Those are my thoughts.  Thinking on this.

Monday, August 26, 2013

3 Year Bible Reading Plan

In hopes to find something I could be consistent in when reading my Bible and learning all about the Word of God, I was struggling.  I was getting overwhelmed and feeling scattered.  I would start a reading plan and go a week or two, almost like the old dieting days, and then I would stop when I got behind.  I would start a Bible study and usually finish it, but then felt like I didn't know what to read next.  I would read some of the Bible, but didn't feel as connected or like I was learning well.  I wanted to try something new and different so I prayed and started looking for some ideas.  I remember a blogger friend I know said how she would read one chapter a day and it was not too much or too little.  It was just the right amount of reading.  So I started looking for a reading plan or something that I could do that would help me get through the whole Bible, but reading about one chapter per day.

I found this website when reading and downloaded the app from that site here

I started this in May, so going on 5 months of this reading plan.  I am really liking it.  It isn't beginning to end, it jumps around some and on Sundays it is always a Psalm.  So far this is working and I am really enjoying it.  

What do you think?  Check it out and see if this is something that may help you be consistent.  It may take 3 years to get through the whole Bible, but I will feel like I really absorbed it.  I have read the Bible in 90 days before, but there was not a lot of time for reflection.  This...I can do and I like lots!

More later...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to God's Perspective

Wrapped up in order and control in my own life, in so many areas, that I lost the perspective of God.  I got me focused and I got overwhelmed and much less peace.  It is so refreshing to remember now that if I commit everything to God and keep Him first, He takes care of all of my needs.  It isn't something logical that I need to figure out.  It is God.  Amen!

More later...

Friday, August 2, 2013

My First Step in Organizing Finances

For a long time I didn't have any order in money. I didn't have any real clear direction. I didn't know what I was missing out on.

It was probably 2011 when I really started diving in and asking for help and searching online for help to learn how to manage our money and live within our means. I remember saying of there was a school or class I could go to to learn all I could know about our money, I wanted to be there. 

Well I never did find just that, but it worked out to having help from my mom, help online and in books I had found and read, and reading and learning all I could about managing money. Then in 2013 I had a friend who could be a DaveRamsey  financial coach who helped me even more and this time it was tailored to my personal situation.  This was very helpful.


So here I am.  July 2013 and I love budgeting.  I love getting order in the finances and I love helping others simplify theirs.  It is fun and I can't wait to learn more and more.

My first step that I am thinking right now is being willing to look at the finances and being willing to take steps to make it right.  I believe if someone isn't willing to look at their finances and how what they are currently doing is working, then nobody can help them much until there is that willingness.

I just love it when I come across people who know they are in a financial mess, but they are willing to take a look at what is going on and see what steps can be taken to make some orderly changes and make a new start with a new direction.  Being willing opens so many doors to change for the better.