Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stopping When Full

Here we are about to go into a new year, 2014.  There will be a Thin Within online Bible study starting in January that I am a part of and I am excited and nervous.  You see, God has called me to listen to Him in how I care for my body, and only for my good, but I am such a stubborn resister.  I do not like this about me, but it's true.  So I keep telling God help me, I am willing, but I don't want to and need you to help me. 

I seem to be fine with staying occupied most of the time and not over focusing on food and waiting for hunger, as He is setting me free in this area.  But...when it comes time and I feel that nudge when I start to eat and it says--that's it, you are satisfied, your body does not need any more food.....that is when I dig in my feet and drown out the still small voice. 

Stop when you are satisfied.
I used to say, I would rather throw away food in the trash than throw it away in my body.
It has been recently I am seeing again how I use food to ground me and keep my from feeling chaos.
Chaos of life.
I need to stop when satisfied. 
I need to slow down.
I need Jesus' help.
I need to make the choice that I am willing.
Sit back and rest in Him.

More later...