Friday, January 2, 2015

My One Word 2015

Happy New Year!  Last year I wrote a blog post sharing what my one word was for 2014, and you can read that here if you would like.  I thought about this word off and on throughout 2014.  I am not sure I did much to make it happen, and I hesitated on whether I would have a one word for 2015.  I really thought when the New Year rang in that I was not going to have one.

Then I saw someone talking about it yesterday and immediately the word popped in my head that is going to be my "one word" for 2015.  


Then the song below comes to my heart just now and I just want to sing!  I want JOY in me and my heart and in my family and their hearts more and more every day!  Here's to a joyful 2015!

Too cute!! 

More later...

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