Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Am I Ditching the Snooze Button?!

I can't believe it is already February now!  2015 is off to a start now, and it's exciting.  I've been working on something lately that has been a struggle for me, well...since I was a kid.  See I have this thing with the snooze button.  I don't know why I think hitting it every 8 minutes or so for over an hour is any help to me at ALL!  LOL!

Enter a few years ago, Kat with Inspired to Action that started the Hello Mornings Challenge and I signed up.  I have off and on been in a Hello Mornings Challenge group for over 2 years.  It has definitely changed me and challenged me.  So now the challenge is ditching the snooze button.

I read this article last week and it really hit me like I need to seriously try this.  I've tried ditching it before with no luck.  But this time for some reason felt different.  So I did it.  Well wait, first let me share the article and the tip that stuck to me.  It was this article and then tip #9 that was for me.  It was time to see if this could really happen.  Ditching the snooze never to go back...that's the idea.

So this was the quote that was talking straight to me from this blog post at the Hello Mornings Challenge blog:

"To be sure I am clear here, when I say ditch the snooze, I mean it.
No more snoozing. Disable it! 
When that alarm goes off you need to make the decision to get up, or not.
If you feel you are truly exhausted and need the extra sleep, set your alarm for a half hour later, or however long you need to sleep. No use interrupting that extra needed sleep every 9 minutes with the snooze alarm." 

It was right then and there that I picked up my iPhone and disabled the snooze.  I set it for the time I want to get up...5:30am...and then I sent another alarm for the time I HAD to get up...6:30am.  So for the last week I have done this.  I feel very much well rested from not hitting snooze every 8 minutes for an hour, that alone seems to be something that would make anyone just plain exhausted!  I have only gotten up at the first alarm maybe once, but that is HUGE to me.

So now that is the goal.  To eventually make that 2 days a week for a while and then 3 to where eventually it's a 5:30am routine and I enjoy it.  I am excited for this new little revelation in my mornings and am looking forward to seeing this progress.  Stay tuned...

More later...

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