Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Journaling it All

It's been a while since I've written.  I have had a favorite thing I have been doing lately that I wanted to write about a little.  I have been in a busy season of life with children getting older and work and family life and it seems I have been looking for ways to connect with God and refresh and renew my mind.  I love journaling and have a journal I used to write in daily but now it's more like a few times a week or every other week.

So what I started lately is grabbing my laptop when I get in bed each evening, opening Google Drive and I created a journal that I use when I don't have my paper journal.  Writing down thoughts and prayers and emotions and Scripture is so a thing for me.

I write out all that's on my mind, I call it my brain dump.  I type it all out and pray and share all I am thinking, all I've learned that day, things bothering me, etc.  Then I pray and ask God to show me any Truths that I need to hear from what I've written.  This has been a little treat I have done lately that is really helping me have more peace and clarity and I would just say journaling is something that everyone should try if they haven't.

More later...

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